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My name is Christine, model name IDiivil, and I am a full time professional who has been seriously pursuing the industry since the year 2012. I specialize in beauty, art, and art nudes, though I am not limited to only those specific genres.

As a child, I grew up between a very small town in Ohio and Japan. My mother is a first generation immigrant from near Tokyo (which is why I have such an Asian look to my appearance!), so we went overseas to see her family often.

The traveling stuck with me. I love seeing the world, and my passion for it is explored to this day through my modeling. I have worked in various countries and many states. The opportunities I came by granted me several publications, both locally and internationally. It’s all very exciting!

Otherwise, I am a huge gamer. That’s right, I’m a total nerd. I play several titles via Steam and otherwise on my custom built PC, and I try to follow the most latest generation of consoles. I’m still a very social person in spite of my geek drive, however, and I love to go out and see my friends.

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