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Gladys Magazine Summer Issue 2013

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Gladys Magazine featured a photo set shot by Barry Druxman. My friend Carole Soueidan styled the hair and makeup for it, awesome wardrobe stylist Vic Sanders put together the clothes, and I rocked out the modeling. This particular magazine hit the shelves for Barnes and Nobles as well. It’s a bit late now to get it since the summer issue has passed, but here’s the tearsheet from it, and it’s still available via the Gladys Magazine website if you want to buy a copy!

Gladys Magazine publication!

Gladys Magazine publication! Magazine Publication

Woo hoo! I’m published in Issue 2 of Magazine with photographer Barry Druxman and makeup/hair stylist Carole Soueidan!

Check it out! I’m on page 26/27!

My publication!

My publication!